We Do Not SELL our Clients

We Do Not SELL our Clients

We recently went through a very friendly and professional break-up with one of our most favorite brands. This brand/company was special to us because we helped cultivate and grow it from a simple thought, practically an ungerminated seed, much like we do most of our ‘new brand’ clients Of course, we feel as though our expertise and guidance greatly helped this brand grow into a highly competitive company and seemingly thriving business along 30A in just 2-3 years.

Our staff has a habit of never telling our clients what they want to hear. Instead, we push back, we express our thoughts when our clients request something we do not agree with. We are experts in our field, Interactive Marketing and online brand management, and each of our clients are experts in their fields, so this often forces conversations and sometimes arguments to be had if/when decisions are needed to be made regarding the growth or evolution of their brands.

We are not here to SELL our clients and we never simply tell them all what they want to hear, nor will we respond to a RFP with the lowest quote possible to beat other providers. Instead we often go against the grain by expressing our opinions and quoting projects at the rate that is required for the project/service to be done properly. Most often supporting our opinions and rates with years of knowledge, statistical data, metrics and experiences in hopes of steering our clients, or prospective clients in the best direction based on what we have learned and what we know. While our clients do not always take our advice, we are always available to provide guidance and counsel as they grow their brands.

These are a few of the facts that set SEOM Solutions apart from any other persons, or collective groups of professionals claiming to be an Interactive Agency. We are not here to SELL our clients, nor will we ever tell you what you want to hear in order to begin a working relationship.

Have a question about whether or not SEOM Solutions can help you build or grow your brand? Send us an email or fill out a contact form and we will talk. No sales, simply our approach to interactive marketing solutions that will improve your bottom line.

Here is where our ex-client’s online conversions are just 30 days after our break-up

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