Interactive Media 2018

Interactive Media 2018

There’s no doubt online media is the fastest evolving media channel we have ever witnessed. Perhaps that’s not saying much when you consider it only rivals Print, Radio and Television. Either way, with the continuous development and improvements of online technology, 3rd party platforms and the ability to segment and target audiences, how do you ensure you are checking all of the right boxes for your interactive media strategy in 2018? Easy, stick to the basics. The online media tactics in the bullets below are listed in order of importance, based on SEOM Solutions’ best practices.

  • SEO remains the foundation of any intelligent online marketing strategy. Your website MUST rank in the top 3 for keyword mentions for your brand, as well as keyword phrases relevant to your products and services. If you are a local service provider, you also MUST have your Google Business Listing properly set up.
  • Search Engine PPC should supplement your SEO Strategy, helping your website gain visibility wherever your SEO Strategy cannot. This includes targeting popular GEO locations, as well as targeting audiences that have previously visited your website or clicked on your ad. Anyone that has been predisposed to your brand or product is a qualified candidate for becoming your customer. Search Engine PPC can also be placed into market with as little as 24 hours notice, if it is already operational. Unlike SEO, which is considered a long-term gain, short-term loss, because SEO takes time to cultivate and maintain competitive rankings for relevant keyword phrases.
  • Remarketing & Retargeting has quickly become a valued channel to reach qualified prospects with your marketing message. Taking advantage of users’ website visitation history, you can target them based on the simple fact they visited your website, or delve deeper into their visitation history and show them a product type they previously viewed. This approach can quickly annoy your audience if it is over-used, so be careful about where, when and how often you Remarket to your audience!

As an Interactive Agency, when creating and implementing a long-term marketing strategy, we include marketing tactics such as eCRM/eNews Management, Social Marketing/Online Reputation Management, Review Collection & Aggregation, Design, Development and a few others that help maintain the online brand presence for our clients and generate actions that improve the bottom line for each of our clients. We consider these types of services to be marketing tactics, not necessarily media, but please do not underestimate their importance when developing your Interactive Marketing & media Strategy!

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