Digital Media & Marketing Wants and Needs

Digital Media & Marketing Wants and Needs

Retargeting gets specific! First we RE-marketed to people who visited your site. Then we RE-marketed to people who visited particular pages of your site, showing them content based on their visitation. If you viewed a Gulf Front vacation rental, we showed you ads containing pictures of luxury units and ‘luxurious calls to action’. Now, we are mapping the sales funnel process (the pages we want people to visit on your site, and the order they should be visiting them) and showing them dynamic product content based on where they are in the sales funnel! That’s correct. Dynamic ads based on where the visitor is during their session on your website. Pretty cool, we know.

Cart Abandonment gets looked-over all to often. There are quite a few components which you need to have in place in order for this handy-dandy feature to work properly. But once you take the time to set it up and get it working properly, it will be an almost thoughtless source of additional revenue from that point forward. Nearly 70% of vacation shoppers do NOT book on the first visit to your website’s shopping cart. It is worth finding a way to cast a Cart Abandonment net at those people leaving in hopes of capturing their attention before they decide to book with a competitor.

Mobile, speed, content. These are today’s big needs for SEO and online Media. Mobile-ready display is a must for every part of your website. This includes event calendars, booking engines, shopping carts, calendar search widgets, ANYTHING on your website a user to navigate to and engage with needs to be optimized for mobile friendly display and use. Over 50% of our clients’ website visits are from a mobile device, and in some cases mobile makes up nearly 73% of total website visits! That is a whole lot of visitors expecting an experience optimized for their screen. Make it mobile friendly, speed it up, and get those content pages over 1,000 words! Give your site a test using Google’s Page Speed Insights. Remember, if you’re using a clunky, out of date database management software, your site will likely score in the mid to low 70’s. Might be time for an upgrade!?

Call tracking enabled. If you’re not tracking phone performance and linking the performance to your digital campaigns you are not getting a very complete look at the performance-picture. In order to optimize performance online you have to see all aspects of the performance. Implement a call tracking system when ever possible! CallRail is an affordable solution, but something like NAVIS will give you everything you could ever want from a call tracking system, and then some!

Videos are how we consume content online. Videos and articles with lots of useful and relevant links in them. Make some videos. They don’t have to be professionally edited, but they do have to provide users with entertainment or education of some kind. If you do not have video in your arsenal of media, fix it now. Go local! We always try to use Jack Garner Photography, Steve Mangum, and Moon Creek Studios first, but it doesn’t mean they are our only local talents!

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