Digital Media Tracking Must-Haves’ in 2020

Digital Media Tracking Must-Haves’ in 2020

We love Digital Media! But not so much we forget the importance of taking a holistic approach when planning and implementing your marketing strategy. With the continuous evolution of Digital it can be difficult to keep-up with what is simply trending vs what has become a staple for Digital. Review our list of digital marketing mast haves in 2020 and let us know if you would add anything to it!

Tracking, such as Google Analytics on your website is a must-have for measuring the performance of your website and brand. You must be tracking Actions taken on your website, or conversions and/or goals. And if you’re dealing with any sort of transaction using currency, you will definitely need to set up the Enhanced eCommerce Tracking portion of your Google Analytics.

Managing Tracking Codes can be challenging, especially because there are so many different tracking code types and sources needing to be implemented and managed for even the most simplified Digital Strategy. Google Tag Manager will make managing your different tracking codes simple. With GTM you can manage multiple tracking codes for marketing tools such as AdRoll, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft Advertising. You can also use GTM to create triggers and/or actions which measure performance (and might also be useful when creating a sales funnel).

Sales Funnels help us understand where in the decision making process are our Visitors. Sales Funnels do not need to be an exact list of pages which need to be hit in an exact order, not by any means. Instead, you can simply think through your ideal website visitor, and the actions you want them to take during their first visit to your website. This helps you identify the and segment your Visitors for future remarketing.

Understanding the Role of your Digital Marketing Tactics is key to allowing you to FIRST think strategically, THEN decide which tactics are best suited to manage or carry-out your strategy.  Build the strategy and you will better understand what to use.

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