CRA’s existing logo design will remain unchanged during the Brand Evolution process.

It is SEOM’s understanding the existing Cottage Rental Agency logo is pre-approved by the SCDC which includes a mention of “Seaside, FL” within the design. No new logo concepts have been submitted to the SCDC because of the potential denial of the use of the trademarked words “Seaside, FL” within the design.

It is because of the possible denial from the Seaside Board SEOM has not provided a new logo concept. Instead we have mocked-up key supporting designs which will deliver the expression of the brand in 2020.

As Seaside, FL continues to roll out Seaside’s Community Master Plan, it has also begun to represent a more youthful and vibrant coastal atmosphere with an emphasis on delivering an experience which is unique to Seaside. It is the recent changes and the community’s continued evolution which has inspired the proposed CRA brand evolution. Click each image to view SEOM’s sample designs which depict the proposed 2020 brand evolution for CRA.