Brand Cohesion | It’s Time

Brand Cohesion | It’s Time

It’s time. It is time for your brand to evolve. It is time for you to invest in creating brand cohesion for your brand or business across an array of marketing channels. Brand cohesion is the art of ensuring your brand is properly represented through all channels of digital and traditional media, at all times. Including, but not limited to, the way your brand is seen by potential or existing customers in online advertising, print media, social marketing, eNewsletters, your website, print products, and more! It is not difficult to push your business into this next phase of evolution and to accomplish a cohesive representation of your brand. It is likely easier than you’d think.

You, as a business owner in today’s world, have a long list of service providers to choose from when it comes to your brand’s management, both online and in person. So over the years you have ended up with a SEO person, and social marketing team, an incredible graphic designer, a hosting provider, a web designer, and many other service providers, some of which are deeply involved with making strategic decisions about how your brand is perceived online and in the real world by your customers. Herein lies the problem! The thought of brand cohesion is almost impossible when you have siloed practically every marketing-related service and/or provider tied to the promotion and the way in which your brand is consumed.

How does your social marketing team know what your graphic designer has created for the eNewsletter that is going out next week? How does your SEO provider know that your web developer added new features to your site to improve the blog? How do you ensure your digital magazine delivers the same look and feel of your website and your print products? Que your new digital agency, with the unique ability to properly influence every facet of your brand’s representation online and in-person.

Find an agency, digital or traditional, and consolidate your services. Limit the number of providers you can blame when something goes awry and improve accountability. Create a single point of contact for all things relevant to the ongoing development and management of your brand. Decrease the amount of time you must invest to get multiple marketing-related tasks completed. Limit the amount of risk assumed when distributing information about your brand or business. Appoint an agency, consolidate services, and evolve your brand towards cohesive representation!

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