30a Collection by Rosemary Beach®

30a Collection by Rosemary Beach®

PROJECT: Website Design, PMS Integration, Concierge Function Development
CLIENT: 30a Collection by Rosemary Beach
SERVICES: Design, Development
EST TIME: 45 Days
TECH SPECS: Custom WordPress Theme, Custom PMS Integration, Development of Concierge System

In an effort to continue to provide their clientele with the unparalleled customer service, Rosemary Beach created a sub-brand to manage the vacation rentals located directly outside of the Rosemary Beach area. 30a Collection is just what it sounds like, a collection of vacation rentals along 30a and the areas surrounding Rosemary Beach. This brand development project started with a small website integration of the newly created 30a Collection brand during Q1 2015. Over the course of the year, the brand awareness improved and additional vacation rental homes were added to the 30a Collection rental management program. In Q1 2016 the brand was given its own website, 30aCollection.com, where it continues to grow and be prosperous!

30A Collection by Rosemary Beach 30A Collection Vacations by Rosemary Beach

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